Navington Heritage

Navington is a popular and well-known brand of high-quality baby strollers which have been helping new parents out for decades. With a new line of products on the horizon, it was time to work on refreshing the whole brand and the Polish design firm Studio Otwarte was brought in to take on this challenge.

The Navington “Heritage Collection” was being developed, with the flagship model of the line being the Contessa, a retro-styled stroller which would be modeled after the first stroller the founders of the company created over 50 years ago. The tag line: Classic Style. Modern Ideas.

“Our task was to warm the brand's image as well as promote the category of classic, rocking strollers – for those parents, who love traditional solutions of a slightly higher-end.”

Studio Otwarte has created a beautifully rejuvenated brand that Navington must be pumped up proud to be showing off. A color palette of crisp navy blue and white, partnered with muted shades of blue and neutrals. A light decorative patterning that can be used throughout materials and a pairing of a pretty display font with a condensed san serif. Classic design elements reinterpreted to fit the current modern aesthetic. 

The Navington Heritage Collection was launched into the market with each touch point of the brand looking spot on. A beautiful new website, a complete set of marketing materials, POS displays and some interesting packaging designs for the array of coordinated baby accessories to bundle your tot in. Really solid work Studio Otwarte, I look forward to seeing what projects you create next!   


Designed by Studio Otwarte

Country: Poland