Rice Wine

Just like an aquarium, the design for Rice Wine encourages the buyer to ignore the glass and to instead experience what is within. Rice Creative designed the bottle for the line of rare handcrafted Vietnamese rice wines, which have been made for 200 years by a single family. Traditional methods and simple ingredients go into this rice wine, which hails from the village of D’ran in the Annamite Mountain Range.

“A beautiful gradient appears across the 30%, 40%, & 50% range of wines. This phenomenon is due to the purity of the wine, and the amount of rice sediment present. It is the strongest characteristic of the range, and the inspiration to refer to the product as the 'bottled cloud.' We sought to highlight this beautiful characteristic. We utilized our internal typeface in light, medium, and bold weights across the 30, 40 and 50 percent range, to indicate the alcohol strength in a clear way. Because the numerals identify the strength of the alcohol, we decided to use them as die-cut windows in the label to reveal the inherent product, and differentiate each variant simply.”

By keeping the design minimal and allowing the product to really shine, it attracts the consumer naturally. By also removing unnecessary text, the Rice Wine logo is prominent and also brings attention to the handwritten brewed and bottled dates. Additionally, an accompanying magazine was created to give the buyer an in-depth look into the process behind the product.

“We have created a magazine to accompany the product so the recipient may get an up-close and personal view of the wondrous environment, and process and get to know the Rice Wine makers. Woven Oxford paper from Neenah was used both for the labels and magazine. It gave the translucency and woven fabric-like rice bag appearance we sought.”


Designed by: Rice Creative

Country: Vietnam

City: Ho Chi Minh City