The Shaman Tea

I fancy myself to be a regular tea drinker, waking up every morning with a brisk cup of black tea and then winding down drinking herbals in the evening. One flavor I have never seen cross my path is “The Shaman Tea” produced by the newly founded tea company Sparoza. 

“‘The Shaman Tea’ is a unique tea blend, featuring a ‘magical flavor’ and a soothing effect, hence the name. 

Nikos Pechlivanidis & Xenia Spyrou were the design team behind this striking packaging, which features a stylized illustrated of a Native American mask, which were often worn during Shamanic rituals. The packaging artwork has a simple three color palette of black, white and red, which Pechlivanidis & Spyrou seamlessly blend together and transform into a bold execution. 

“The vivid colors on the mask represent the blend’s intense flavor and aromas, while the background color is reminiscent of the one that shows when mixing the tea blend with milk.”

The entire mask artwork is displayed on the top lid of the packaging tin, accompanied by an awesome logo type that perfectly matches the unique aesthetic of this art direction. The mask artwork is then repeated and wrapped around the sides of the tin in an arresting and oversized proportion. This change in scale really highlights the smaller details in the illustration, which weren’t at first as noticeable.

Pechlivanidis & Spyrou have created a design for The Shaman Tea which I think will be a real stand out on the shelves. It’s the perfect combination of an interesting tea name that has artwork that can’t be missed and is a wonderful expression of what the tea is intended to bring to the drinker. 

“Following the client’s brief, our goal was to put emphasis on the fact that making a cup of ‘The Shaman Tea’ is a pleasant ritual that adds magic to the moment.”   


Creative Director: Nikos Pechlivanidis 

Art Director/Illustrator: Xenia Spyrou 

Photographer: Math Studio

Designed by Nikos Pechlivanidis - Xenia Spyrou

Client: Sparoza Herbs & Spices 

Country: Greece

City: Athens