Dilo Bonito

 Holy cuteness! I am in love with the art direction for the online gift delivery service Dilo Bonito (which means “Say it Pretty” in English). Every touch-point of the gifting experience has been well crafted and delightfully branded by the Mexican design firm Bienal Comunicación. 

The main objective for Dilo Bonito was to create an integrated gift shopping and gift receiving experience. From the moment the client orders from the website, to the time it arrives at the receiver’s door - the experience should be fun, easy and festive. The gift options range from flowers to piñatas, desserts to shoulder bags, with each item wrapped up in the black & white, polka dot & craft paper art direction Bienal Comunicación created for the brand. 

“Due to the products’ color nature, we decided to make an elegant brand that uses mainly black and white with a pastel color palette which contrasts perfectly to emit a clean and timeless celebration atmosphere.”

The typographic logo mark is absolutely perfect, in my humble opinion. The swish and curve represent the ribbons wrapped around gifts, and the diagonal positioning was chosen to evoke the feeling of movement and efficiency in the delivery service. It's a pretty little logo, and it's nice to see it being used decoratively
throughout the packaging. 

Bienal Comunicación has created a flexible and lively suite of materials for Dilo Bonito to package and wrap their gifts with. A simple black and white polka dot pattern that is a direct wink to the protagonist of every celebration – the confetti.


Designed by Bienal Comunicación

Country: Mexico