When Mexican jewelry company Trulin and Co. wanted to expand and take their brand further to include wine, they desired something regal and respectable. With this goal, Abraham Lule created the naming and label design for their commemorative red wine bottle. The inky, dark bottle features a small label and simple, all-caps text, all in white. The wine does not call attention to itself in any way, but it’s incredibly powerful and pleasing to the eye.

“The graphics of the late XIX century found in various Spanish magazines and newspapers, inspired the composition and typographic work in the label. Having the period of Colony in mind, Spain has a major influence in Mexico talking about royalty. Printed in lino paper with black matte screen printing, the composition has an extra contrast in the negative space merging the label and poping-up the white graphics.”

“The naming (Prince) emerges from the young notes and body of this fruitful Mexican wine that also owns the heresy of the fruits and flavours of Valle de Ensenada in the north of Mexico, perfect to express that this young guy have the sufficient background to delight the taste of the most demanding sommelier. Part of the brief, quote: “We would like to extend the family of wines in the following years, having: champagne, white wines and rose wines”, so we found very appropriate to have a royal family concept in order to express tradition and top knowledge in the field.”


Designed by: Abraham Lule

Country: Mexico