Orphan Barrel: Lost Prophet Label

Bourbon is the type of drink that you start to appreciate over time, as you learn to detect the different flavors and characteristics that make each one unique. 

Comprised largely of a maze-like design, it becomes more intricate and intriguing the more time you spend with it. Within the maze, you discover more about the spirit, from where it’s bottled to how long it’s been aged. A tagline reads, “A proselytizing spirit,” perhaps implying that that may be the drink to win over whiskey-lovers and novices alike. The black label has a speakeasy vibe, with a deep bronze that almost looks like the golden brown of the whiskey itself.

“Orphan Barrel offers rare barrels of delicious whiskey, hidden away and nigh forgotten in the back of old distilleries. Lost Prophet is the fourth in the series telling the story of the black sheep, or Lost Prophet, who lost his way but is now found for the enjoyment of the consumer. Hand bottled in Tullahoma, Tennessee, Lost Prophet will only be released once in a limited time edition.”


Designed by: RAISON PURE NYC 
Creative Director: JB HARTFORD
Senior Designer: KYLE WESSEL
Illustrator/Letter: KEVIN CANTRELL
Client: DIAGEO
Country: United States
City: New York City