Nocturna Candle

For all those nocturnal people out there, do we have a candle for you. Designed by Stucco + Em Design Studio , this candle emerges from an all-black box by tearing a perforated edge. Inside, the candle sits wrapped in the dark forest. 

"Nocturna is an Australian luxury lifestyle brand sourcing the finest, cruelty free ingredients. Nocturna is inspired by the beauty of nature and the mystery of night. Our candles feature luminous glass filled with our eco-friendly coconut and soy wax blend, laced with hypnotic perfumes enhanced with the rustic sound of a wooden wick. Transform your room or living space into a distant, faraway place, a mystic realm; what does your imagination conjure?"

" Illuminate your subconscious " 


Designed by Stucco + Em Design Studio 

Client: Nocturna Candle

Country: Australia