Wonder Press


Wonder Press is a cold-pressed, all organic, juice start up in Boulder run by three best friends. They came to Interact with a clear vision and purpose and worked with the design team to create a brand identity that represented their clean, quality juices. A clear glass bottle with gold print on both front and back let's the juice stand out on its own with out any extra, unneeded frills.

Inspired by minimalist, alpine modern styles, Wonder Press (A Boulder, Colorado Juice Shop) came to Interact to build a cohesive brand identity that represented their clean, quality juices. A clear glass bottle with gold ink on both front and back lets the juice stand out on its own without any extra, unneeded frills. Gold was incorporated to convey a more premium product while allowing the juice itself to be the main focus. The circular shape on the front emulates natural elements similar to tree rings and topographic maps that further reinforce the Colorado, natural feel that is Wonderpress. It also symbolizes a portal that represents how the juice can elevate your health. As the bottle becomes empty, the back panel appears featuring an illustration of the famous Colorado mountains further embodying new adventures outside and within yourself. 


Designed by Interact

Country: United States