Isbjørn Lite

After the relaunch of Mack's Isbjørn ( Polar bear) in February 2014, Mack's Isbjørn beer has been a success, stealing market share from the competition, and is currently Mack's best selling product. It seemed only natural to follow up on the product with a Lite version of the same brew. The design is closely related to the original Isbjørn, and being a calorie-reduced beer it only seemed natural to reverse the colors.


Designed by by north™

Client: Macks Ølbryggeri (Mack Brewery), Cathrine Giæver & Kristin Ballovarre 

Country: Norway

Lead designers: Ole-Marius Tubez Storfjell & Morten Iveland 

Client director: Håvard Sandaa Karlsen

Photography: Morten Iveland

Elizabeth Freeman