Concepts We Wish Were Real

Join The Dieline and venture into the innovative world of concepts we wish were real this beautiful Friday morning.

Cata Catalonia


What sets a gourmet product apart? It goes beyond just the price, as it can also mean that the quality is higher, it’s not widely available, that the item has a rich history, or that it has a sophisticated packaging. All of this was considered in Mireia Ordeix and Loreley Videla’s design concept for Cata Catalonia. “The task was to create a graphic code that clearly identifies with the country and also an elegant and clean design for the packaging line. The brand's target are people from all over the world that likes good and premium food and want to go back home with a high quality product from Catalonia as a gift or souvenir.” 

The most effective and eye-catching element is the different black and white photo gracing each item. Aside from beautifully capturing the local influence, it feels rustic and unique. The black and white images also allow the colors of the product inside, like a light green olive oil or red raspberries. The logo is also black and white, with splashes of color from Spain’s flag. The design goal is well met, with the products appearing quite exclusive, like something you would find at a small food store on the streets of Barcelona.

Designed by Mireia Ordeix & Loreley Videla

Country: Spain




“Does advertising influence the character of a beer? Probably not. But it affects your imagination.” Fabian Fohrer’s concept for Mittlemaß (in English: “average”) beer is true to the name — merely black and white, with no catchy images or tagline.  There is nothing that stands out, with the exception of the text for “Mittlemaß” which has been blurred to give the impression that it’s been smeared by condensation or wet from beer. The remainder of the design is simple, almost looking like a newspaper utilizing only text, and it’s contained in a typical amber bottle commonly used for beer. “Mittelmaß does not need superlatives. It’s a beer as any other. Water, malt and hops. Nothing else.” By selling a product that avoids competing directly with other brands, it almost sets Mittelmaß a step above the competition. It also allows space for the consumer to include his or her own individual impression, and places trust in the purchaser to make a decision based on personal preferences.

Designed by Fabian Fohrer

Country: Germany


Honey Bee Bakery


Courtney took an interesting direction when creating packaging for honey. Instead of allowing the product to show through, she laces around a geometric pattern inspired by the system of the beehive. "Honey Bee Bakery is a bakery which adds artisanal honey from around the world into their recipes. This set of honey is the bakery's most popular selection you can purchase individually."

Art Director: Abby Guido & Scott Laserow 

Photography: Austen Hart

Designed by Courtney Spencer

Country: United States


Shattered Arrow Brewing Company 


The concept is a brewery which constantly touches up and refines beers. These beers are tested at the Tap House in small batches before being implemented. The name is meant to reference the Robin Hood scene with the split arrow. Designed by Keelan beer cans are color coded for easy identification while the name of each malted beverage is layed out like a crossword puzzle on the surface of the can. 

Designed by Keelan Campbell

Mock-up template by Gorm Haraldsson

Country: United States


Kabinet Brewery


Kabinet Brewery is beer manufacturer from Serbia. This illustration has been made for their etiquette design pitch for beer called SuperNova. Taste of this beer is described as "basket full of fruits whose flavors explode". Idea was to show explosion of different tastes in an abstract way. 
On the end the client opted for other solution. 

Designed/Illustrated by Marko Svircevic

Country: Serbia


YISE: The Modern Traditional Tea


An interesting way to package tea considers storage of the upmost importance. Designed by Daiana Kim, Loose leaf tea is gently placed inside clear prism for aesthetic reasons and sealed inside a wooden sleave. Finally, individual teas are then placed together to form a hexagon. "YISE is a Korean word meaning "Second Generation" 
YISE is a tea brand that brings inspiration from traditional Korean culture to the modern lifestyle of Los Angeles. The main purpose is to incorporate tea as part of a healthy lifestyle and welcomes anyone who is interested in the Korean tea culture."

Designed by Daiana Kim

Country: United States




Nicklas Hellborg creates beer packaging in tune with nature. Brown tinted bottles are clothed in a white label imprinted with a tree's rings. The design is kept minimal focusing on the quality of the beverage of all those beer loving hipsters out there. "What would one of Norway’s leading advertising agencies be without it’s own homemade beer? Well, thirsty is probably one of the things so we decided to brew our very own IPA beer at our office in Oslo to treat both our clients and ourselves with."

Designed by Nicklas Hellborg

Country: Norway