Student: Ambrose & Harper

With most paint today being sold in cans, we open ourselves to a lot of creative options when we consider what alternative packaging we create have for it. Aaron Harper Lee considered this in her concept for Ambrose & Harper sustainable paint product. Instead of selling it in the traditional tins, it gives the consumer more freedom to customize, making it a much more personal experience.

“With the niche market of craftsmen in mind, I branded a line of sustainable paint motivated by principles of legacy and tradition. The craft of painting is resurrected as an artistic ritual and mindful practice. Starting with compressed blocks of eco-friendly paint powder, the compact package includes all materials and tools needed to hand-mix your own paint, and create the perfect tint in small batches — just add water. With Ambrose & Harper, the preparation of the paint becomes very much a part of the process as the painting itself.”

Ambrose & Harper oozes a hands-on, hardworking vibe that seems to be selling a hobby or even lifestyle rather than just selling a product. The products come in unpainted wooden boxes, with perfectly sized nooks and crannies for each item. The products have a clear focus and look like something a little harder to find, perhaps only available at mom and pop hardware stores.

The inspiration for this project comes from something near and dear to Lee:

“My grandfather Ambrose is the source of my inspiration as a designer and for this product — his presence in my life as an artisan, teacher and beloved community member has strongly influenced what I value in this world. Each handcrafted component of this product is made from reclaimed wood, fabric or leather, staying true to the principle of tradition — passing heirlooms from one generation to the next.”


Designed by Aaron Harper Lee

Country: United States