365 One Year Staff Gift

We know that handmade gifts are sometimes the sweetest gestures. and 485 Design took this into account when designing a special gift for staff across the agency group.

“We produced a handcrafted gift that required a labour intensive process. We wanted to give back to staff all the blood, sweat and tears invested into the agency over the past year by crafting a gift that recognised this through the idea of the time and commitment it took to create it.”

The gift features a wooden box with “365” spraypainted on the outside in red, gray, and white. Inside are three different wine bottles, their tops dipped in paint and allowed to drip down the sides. “Blood, Sweat, Cheers” has been painted on the inner part of the box, behind the bottles.

The overall design is sweet and simple, but the attention that goes into each box is extraordinary, making it an incredibly thoughtful gift for employees.


Designed by: 485 Design

Client: Ogilvy & Mather

Country: New Zealand

City: Auckland