RPH Pharma

Redesigning packaging for a medical company requires more than just creativity and streamlined graphics — it requires respecting the national regulations of the profession, including the required security seals, and making a package that is practical and safe for doctors and professionals to use daily. While it may seem drastic, a poor design could compromise the health and safety of medical workers and patients.

“Radiopharmaceuticals, if handled incorrectly, can compromise exams and consequently the health of many people. With the intention of renewing RPH Pharma packaging — a manufacturer brand of radiopharmaceuticals — and aligning them to RPH Group’s new positioning, SPR Design — business unit of SPR Group — sought to create vials and boxes that would provide greater safety and traceability, uniting simplicity and objectivity in its design.”

The colors, while vibrant, are muted enough to suit the medical field. Spotting one of these boxes in your doctor’s office would brighten your day without making you question his or her professionalism. Small graphics comprised of white lines distinguish the different products and give them cohesion among each other. Each box is simple enough to open but clearly created with busy medical workers in mind.

“To facilitate the identification of each product and its location within each step of the diagnostic imaging process, different colors were defined for packagings and their respective stickers, leads and storage flags. In support of that, a set of iconography was also created, where each element represents the main function of the product. The result is the ease of day-to-day handling of the product by the professionals and the patient safety.”


Designed by SPR Design

Country: Brazil