Aiu: Spirit of the Forest

“Taste Real Siberian Nature.” The tagline for AIU Siberian pine nuts is stripped of any gimmicks and merely encourages the consumer to taste something original and straight from the earth. The packaging, designed by Be!Five Branding & Identity, uses earthy browns and gentle greens to convey the simplicity and deliciousness of the product. The cleverly layered design was created with the careful process that goes into obtaining each and every single nut.

“We harvest our cedar nuts by hand and protect them from light, oxidation and outside damages, in order to preserve their natural ingredients and health benefits. After harvesting, we manually shell cedar nuts according to the old Siberian traditions. Then, we carefully separate kernels from their shells and immediately put kernels in vacuum packages.”

The outer box protects the kernels, while the inner box also contains a clear airtight packaging. By simply lifting the outer box you can see the purity and goodness of the cedar nuts right before your eyes.

“The AIU package is crafted in such a way that it protects cedar nuts from light and damages. Our package has two layers: the inner box containing a vacuum package with nut kernels, and the outer shell protecting pine nuts from light and outside damages.”


Designed by Be!Five Branding & Identity

Country: Russia