The Dieline Award 2015: 3rd Place Confectionary, Snacks, Desserts- BEAR Paws

B&B created packaging for a limited edition collection of BEAR PAWS, which are the brand’s kid-friendly range of paw-shaped baked fruit snacks. Launched to celebrate BEAR’s fifth birthday, each multipack features a donation to help save endangered bears and other wild species.

Keen to build awareness of the many bear species in need around the world, B&B created four new characters to illustrate the packs – a spectacled bear, a polar bear, a sloth and a panda – all of whom are on the WWF’s vulnerable species list. On the singles packs, the bears are playfully depicted both front and back for a real sense of character, while on the multipacks they are shown in their natural habitat to bring their individual stories to life.

B&B also created special SRPs for the range which work with the product packaging to bring 3D depth to the brand’s signature 2D illustration. A pair of paws printed on the front face of each SRP creates the illusion that the bears are peeping over the edge of the box when it’s open, while a cleverly positioned hole lets the bears’ eyes peer out of the box when closed.


Designed by B&B Studio Ltd

Country: United Kingdom

City: London