The Dieline 2015: 2nd Place Confectionary, Snacks, Desserts- NA! - MON FRUIT JUSTE MIXE

In 2009, the brand invented the first snacks 100% natural and without any compromises. No added sugar, nor preservatives, nor dyes, nor sweeteners. This was a huge revolution in the snack and food-on-the-go market. The brand wanted to be synonymous with the pleasure of guilt-free snacks, with the playful alternative to eating fruits. In 2014, the brand decided to challenge the market of compotes in squeezable pouch with a breakthrough innovation. This was made possible by the unique technology « fruit + process » which allows, within 24 hours, to move from the picked fruit to the blended fruit, without cooking.

-Make this breakthrough innovation clearly understandable to consumers: « this is not a compote but a pure blended fruit, and that’s it ». 
-Distinguish the product from its competitors: the compotes in a squeezable pouch, and assert its position as a new segment. 
-Design an impertient packaging to create a buzz around it and make it very trendy.

The packaging’s design was created from the idea that « one picture says more than a thousand words ». It had to express immediately what the product is: a pure blended fruit, that’s it. Universal, thrifty with words: it narrates itself more than it explains itself. It was designed to thumb its nose at the market conventions, and to shift paradigm: from the compotes in a squeezable pouch to the fruit you’d buy at your greengrocer.

This obviousness is expressed through a simple concept : the packaging is itself a whole fruit : it has its shape and its form, it has its freshness with the water droplets, it has its codes with the little label, installing the brand, that you would find on your greengrocer’s fruits. In short, this packaging is an impertinent creation which makes the product obvious and desirable.

The product is currently being launched in France and in Italy. This product has been unanimously by the three major retailers in France (Carrefour, Auchan, Monoprix), and will be available in their stores.

The brand will extend this range to other fruits, with the same concept of packaging: 1 taste = 1 fruit = 1 packaging-fruit


Designed by Logic Design

Country: France