AMSTEL: Fallas Limited Edition Beer

Celebration on a bottle. Amstel is the sponsor of Valencia’s most important festival, the Fallas. This celebration is held in commemoration of a local Saint and the term Fallas refers to both the celebration itself and the constructions created for the occasion. 

This year Amstel’s advertising agency, Publips, had the idea of paying tribute to the final five days of the festival from the 15th to 19th of March. They briefed design agency Lavernia & Cienfuegos to design five labels for a limited edition of the Amstel beer. 

“We used symbolic Motifs related to the traditions of each day, giving them a treatment more akin to textures and patterns rather than using descriptive images or scenes.The scarf, the silk from the Fallera costume, flowers, fireworks and flames were the chosen themes. We kept Amstel’s colour palette of gold, silver, red, black and white for the labels to be instantly recognisable as Amstel, a key brief requirement.” 

The layout of the label is divided into two halves: branding at the bottom and the changing graphic theme at the top. 

“We were inspired by the “mortar tubes” that the pyrotechnics team use in the ‘mascletàs’ (an explosive barrage of coordinated firecrackers) and fireworks.” 

A celebration of happy times, fun and traditions in five labels.

Ad Agency: Publips 

Designed by Lavernia & Cienfuegos

Client: AMSTEL

Country: Spain

City: Valencia