Red Bull New Editions Seeding Kits

The seeding kits for Red Bull’s New Editions, Orange and Wild Cherry, are a prime example of design that incorporates many elements while still looking clear and precise. The kits include the logo, tagline, messaging, social media contacts, and a variety of colors without looking overly complicated.

J / Media, Inc.’s design incorporates the idea of light art, introduced by Red Bull for the New Editions. The neon colors wrap around the kits, vibrant and bright against a background of midnight blue.

“We further supplemented the Opinion Leader kits by adding Spot UV on several strands of light art while embossing the logo and main ‘gives you wings’ tagline. Using a soft touch laminate and magnetic closure only added to the elegance of the kit, ensuring a good first impression in order to excite influencers.”

“For the internal kits, Red Bull really wanted to have a tangible ‘sharing’ aspect to them, so we designed a 4-pack that could be pulled apart for sharing the new flavors with a friend. This was also accompanied by messaging on the sides of each 2 pack stating, ‘Two For Me — Two For You.’ We also included a folded guide to the New Editions for employees, giving them all the information they needed to successfully answer any questions while promoting the new products.”


Designed by J / Media, Inc.

Client: Red Bull North America

Country: United States

City: Seattle, WA