NoMad Luxury Playing Cards

Just like the leather-clad motorcycle-riding bad kid from your high school, NoMad Luxury Playing Cards give off an air of mischief and debauchery. Something about it seems dangerous, but it lures you in anyway. With dark, mysterious colors, finely drawn characters, and a glistening gold accent, it seems like the perfect deck to pull out alongside a glass of absinthe and good company.

Pulling design features from parts of its namesake hotel in New York, Chad Michael Studio  overlooked no details in creating them.

“NoMad Playing Cards were inspired by actual architectural elements of The NoMad Hotel [in NYC]. From the fireplace in the lower level to the hotel’s signature phrase: “Made Nice.” The back design, when rotated laterally, forms the shape of an eye — a gentle nod to the Latin phrase at the top and bottom of each card: "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." Even the interior of the box has a pattern branded with The NoMad logo.”

Can be purchased at: Theory 11


Designed by: Chad Michael Studio 

Country: United States

City: Dallas, TX