Student: Depend cosmetics AB

A redesign of the Swedish company Depend Cosmetics AB. Their assortment includes nail, hair and eye contour products. The company was founded back in 1952, but only worked towards the hairdresser market until 1989. A new organization was born in the beginning of the 90’s to create a product range and sales organization for the consumer market. 

"Depend cosmetics has a strong position in the cosmetics industry, thanks to their loyal customers, good quality and a wide range of price worthy products. However, today the company lacks a strong brand recognition and a distinctive profile that makes them stand out amongst competitors."

"The packaging needs to be more cohesive to reach out to their target group and new customers. Most of Depend’s assortment is produced in Sweden, which is an unknown fact to many people. In our redesign we highlighted this, and focused on a more Scandinavian approach to the design. This makes Depend a more authentic and honest brand with a timeless look that opens up towards an further international expansion."


Designed by Sandra Kristensson, Emily Karlsson & Marie Hjalmarsson

Country: Sweden

Elizabeth Freeman