Concept: Cosmetic line My Dear Skin

My Dear Skin is a new line of skin care products with packaging design that can be credited to CREATIVE AGENCY K2D of Moscow, Russia. You can see immediately that they’ve thrown aside the usual daisies and calendula imagery used on women’s products and instead opted for a minimal and simplified art direction which gives full attention to the product name, “My Dear Skin.”

“The full attention of this line - as its name implies - is concentrated on the skin and solving its problems. That is how our design works: it is not trying to attract attention to itself, it is directed to solve the consumer’s issues.”

The ingredients in My Dear Skin products don’t have long exotic names, they do not include colored dyes and artificial odors are off limits. The products are being marketed based on their effective formulations and affordable price point, which lead CREATIVE AGENCY K2D to the decision that the design work didn’t need to be excessively decorative or flashy. 

Instead, the designs are reticent and stand out based on their simplicity. The soft color palette for each product is set against a white background. The font choice is light and feminine with a cute “loop” displayed in the letter ‘M.’ Each product includes an illustration of a body part, created with a delicate restraint of linework that allows the image to be a beautiful point of interest, without stealing attention away from the name. In a crowded marketplace of women's skin care products I suspect My Dear Skin stands out for its clarity in vision and design. 

"One color, one font, one width of the lines and in the logo and graphics: minimised and simplyfied design. Kind and clever simplicity. And no bouquets of daisies and calendula!"


Head of Creative: Elena Koole

Designers: Andrey Kamaev


Country: Russia