Dove Quench Absolute

For the latest addition to Dove’s Advanced Hair Series, they needed a design that would not only complement the existing products but stand boldly alone. JDO created a clean design utilizing a rich bronze hue to highlight the advanced therapy and luxurious ingredients inside the Quench Absolute line.

“This is the most nourishing range from Dove Advanced Hair Series to date. JDO reflected this by developing a rich bronze colour to capture and define the range.  The active ingredients work by nourishing hair from the inside out.  JDO developed a range icon – an oil droplet encapsulated in a defined curl, to represent this.”

The branding is unmistakably Dove’s, and the bright, shimmering bronze against a pure white makes Quench Absolute stand out. It seems to elevate the product to something you would have to shop at a specialized salon to find.


Designed by: JDO

Client: Dove