Harmony Spring

"Harmony Springs has over 100 years of experience producing artisanal sodas from artesian springs around Ludlow, MA. Taktic Studio updated the company’s branding without sacrificing their rich tradition. Tasks included updating the logo while paying homage to the original design, completely redesigning the product packaging." A chromatic line of sodas is given an antique feel with scripted type and an old time logo. Stamped with approval, the clear glass bottles are then shipped out to the masses in wooden crates.



Designed by Taktic Studio

Client: Harmony Springs Beverages

Country: United States

City: New York City

Project Manager: Roman Reichel 

Art Director: Krzysztof Piatkowski 

Designers: Krzysztof Piatkowski, Victoria Abrami 

Illustrator: Kat Sejud 

Photographer: Lucas Zarebinski 

Writer: Shawn Mulder