Wouldn’t you like to have a new, inspired answer to the question, “What’s for dinner?” Farrah’s package design, created by Brother Design, sparks meal ideas using images of fresh ingredients and the actual product itself.

“The pack design, in particular, breaks new ground. Brother's design team worked hard to make it not just stand out, but actively encourage purchase. Delicious looking food photography, sitting atop a clear window to show the actual wrap, acts like an inspiring visual recipe. It makes the results seem that much closer, giving customers confidence to use the wraps in more ways.”

The line of products lays out rich colors in the background, like eggplant and burnt orange, that are pleasing by themselves but also complement each other when displayed together. Using bold colors, delicious food photos, and cleverly featuring Farrah’s as the star, it gets the mind of the consumer imagining what else could be laid atop the fresh wraps.


Designed by Brother Design

Country: New Zealand