Check out the world's first online, shoppable lingerie magazine. Incubated within MBG's agency walls, OuiHours is a product of love, labor and lingerie. OuiHours visual identity, packaging and brand was built from the ground up calling upon various arms of the agency to co-create each and every aspect of the brand touch points.

Strong-armed with visual aesthetics, we captured a true editorial shopping experience for lovers of lingerie. From how-to videos, interviews with famous photographers to exclusive product design partnerships with leaders in the fashion world, OuiHours' vast content and product selection captures a rich look into the world of lingerie. 

The visual language and identity system we created allows the brand to stand out amongst it's competition. In an already oversaturated market this is something unordinary but approachable in lingerie.


Designed by Davidwhitepond

Client: OuiHours

Country: United States

City: New York

Designer: Tyler Mintz 

Creative Director: Marc Balet