Before & After: Cabo Chips

The “Before and After” work the NYC design firm ROOK has created for Cabo Chips is going to rock right off the store shelves. Not just a step up, but a flight of stairs up in the quality of the design. The packaging is bright, tropical and totally unexpected for a bag of tortilla chips. 

The challenge for the ROOK team was to create a compelling, and unique visual identity for Cabo Chips, which would stand out in a crowded market where everyone is attempting to communicate Mexican provenance in one way or another. The ROOK team saw this as an opportunity to find a new way to reflect location, telling a genuine story that is both compelling and contemporary. 


Designed by ROOK

Country: United States

City: New York

Creative Director: Mark Christou 

Managing Partner: Rebecca Thomas Christou 

Designer: Lisa Ensanian