SUCRÉ macarons

A sweet and feminine branding for Sucre’ macarons. A fantastic collection of gorgeous flavours- from champagne & brown sugar, pistachio with chopped nuts, to dizzy lavender, cool mint, sweet lilac - was paired with a delicate and delicious packaging. 

Raimonda Kirpliukaitė and Edvardas Kavarskas designed the packaging with the idea of gifting in mind. “It is important that the process of unpacking turns into an adventure and that is how we came up with the idea of a double packaging solution which looks like two-layered dresses.” 

“We developed individual and associative geometric shapes for three packaging lines corresponding to different lines of colors and flavors of the macarons. This design was inspired mainly by the artists of suprematism and constructivism whose influence is felt in abstract art in later times, including – minimalism and especially the currents of contemporary fashion.”

In the search for a complete sensory experience, special attention was paid to the board of the packaging, covered in a coarse-textured hybrid lacquer for a more premium touch and feel. 

Finally, in order to strengthen the emotional connection with the customers, a letter on behalf of Sucré was printed and placed in the box as “a small feminine secret.”


Designed by Edvardas Kavarskas

Client: Biržų duona

Country: Lithuania

Elena Massucco