Student: "T'O'clock" herbal iced tea

“Healthy Lifestyle is A Daily Routine”. This is the strap-line behind the concept work of Tanya Mikolaevskaya whose interest, in health products and the benefits associated with them, lies behind the idea of “t’O’clock”. The brand is a range of herbal iced teas that come in different flavors, each to be drank at a different time of the day. 

“It is known that different herbs have different effects on the body. That’s why you should take them at a different time of day. Herbs from “t'O'clock” packaging will tell you when to drink them! 
In the morning — nettles and willow-herb for vitality. 
In the afternoon — lemongrass and yarrow for concentration. 
At night — mint and thyme for relaxation”

We love the gentle colour palette used for the products and the soft choice of typography. The concept is also eco-friendly as the tea is packed in cardboard containers, shaped like traditional cans. 

Lovely name generation, branding and concept development: wish we had one of those on our desks right now.


Designed by Tanya Mikolaevskaya

Country: Russia

City: Moscow