Winery Savina

Savina is a small, family-owned winery located in Herceg Novi, a coastal town overlooking a bay. 

The uniqueness and beauty of this scenery are the inspirations behind the visual brand identity of the Savina products, designed by Nemanja Jehlicka and Nikola Zmajevic. 

Briefed to redesign the visual identity of their wines range and of other products (olive oil and alcoholic drinks), the designers were inspired by the beautiful view that can be seen from the estate, the bay. This has been represented with geometric lines and use of grey or black tones on white. An effective and evoking example of branding.


Designed by Lorem Ipsum Studio

Country: Serbia

Country: Serbia

Creative Direction and Design: Nemanja Jehlicka 

Concept and Strategy: Nikola Zmajevic and Nemanja Jehlicka

Elizabeth Freeman