Verve, the first cold pressed juice and detox cleanses company in Greece, has a visual brand identity fresh and vivacious that perfectly brings to life the products of the range, a series of 6 cold pressed juices and 2 milks made with raw and fresh ingredients.

Bob studio is the agency behind this branding which includes name generation, logo design and packaging. 

The bottles are the primary focal point: the use of clear plastic reveals the vivid colours of the juices themselves and the strong white logo is minimal, clean and simple. 

Bob Studio comments: “The logo typography is simple and primitive made by strong cut letters, inspired in the way we cut fruits and vegetables everyday at home.” 

Additional information on the products, such as ingredients, nutritional facts, information on cleansing programs, are provided by the hang tag at the top of each bottle. The design is consistent across the products of the range, highlighting the freshness and purity of the brand.


Designed by BOB Studio

Country: Greece, United Kingdom

Elizabeth Freeman