Gut Hesterberg

Who doesn't like a good bowl of spaghetti and meatballs? Why not spice yours up a bit with chili or bolognese and have yourself a Gut Hesterberg dinner. These exquisite sauces are packaged in glass jars designed by brandcouture GmbH & Co. KG, and labeled with scalloped tags and a criss-cross pattern. Additional information of the tradition of making this condiment is strung through an elastic band and wrapped around the  container for an easy-read. 

"Development of a product brand and a product range for Germany’s most beautiful farm: Gut Hesterberg in Brandenburg. Appropriate pasture grazing for animals, natural ingredients from the farmyard garden and traditional production in their own manor kitchen are reflected in the range. 
Due to the reduced graphic of the manor house on a black label the brand Gut Hesterberg is given a strong character founded on traditional manufacture and authentic heritage. The pure design of the label pays great attention to detail and communicates the handmade quality of the
farm-own manor kitchen. 
The booklet recounts the story of Gut Hesterberg, its inhabitants and its products."


Designed by brandcouture GmbH & Co. KG

Client: Gut Hesterberg GmbH 

Country: German

Designer: Sonja Glimm 

Creative Director: Christiane Fock