DV Artisan Chocolate First Batch

A chocolate that is sure to delight. Made with love and packaged in the same way, batches are produced in smaller quantities to preserve its handmade quality. Designed by Jane Says, the cacao product is slipped into a cardboard box, stamped with the country of origin, and labeled with a list of taste notes. 

"Pieter De Villiers from DV Chocolate briefed us to design a new chocolate range for his new smaller batches of chocolate. Each batch of chocolate would be unique and dependent on the origin, flavour and cocoa percentages. This inspired us to design an organic typographic craft box to reflect the handcrafted aspect of the chocolate. The box allowed space for individual stamps and areas for handwritten extras that the chocolate maker could mark. Each box would have a colour coded sticker with the unique chocolate makers notes describing that particular batch. The colours were best chosen to represent the favour of each batch."


Designed by Jane Says

Country: South Africa

City: Cape Town