Concepts We Wish Were Real

Enjoy our top concepts we wish were real this week that gravitate toward a minimalist aesthetic. 

Rhone Olive Oil


Rhone is a fictional premium olive oil. The packaging is reduced to the essentials and attracts attention through the unusual monochrome contrast. Rhone embodies pleasure and joy - therefore a pleasant, bright and friendly image world was created.

Designed by Christian Pannicke

Country: Germany

City: Berlin


Essentialia Skincare


Essentialia is a new company that specializes in skincare and beauty products. Its mission is to bring the most natural and organic products to its consumers. The brand was developed to reflect its name “Essentialia" meaning the most essential or vital part of some idea or experience. 
Our job was to transmit the brand’s most important values: essential, honesty, cleanliness, and beauty. The logo uses a light and clear typeface while evoking the high-end fashion industry.

Designed by Maas 4 Studio

Country: United States

City: Miami


VERBA Organic Vodka


Verba vodka — is a concept of Premium Russian vodka. This vodka is produced from the best Russian wheat, spring water and purest «Alpha» spirit. Verba is pure natural vodka with a mild discriminating taste. 

Verba is a name given to many of the smaller species of the genus Salix (willows and sallows) when their furry catkins are young in early spring. These species usually grow on river banks or lake shores. Verba is a symbol of advent of spring, health and propitiation. The flowering shoots of pussy willow are used in Russian Orthodox countries as a spring decoration of home interior.

Designed by Yevgeny Razumov  

3D-visualization: Pavel Gubin 

Country: Russia


Chocolate bars range for the Museum of the Moving Image


Chocolate bars range for the Museum of the Moving Image based in NYC to be distributed as a gift/bonus to a purchase in the museum’s souvenir shop. Each bar will represent one of 8 classical motion pictures and will be designed as a vintage cinema sign board (the one you can see on a facade of any cinema). Each movie/chocolate bar has its own flavor. 
Package design, back: 
Movie still, brief information about the movie OR a praiseful quote from some respectable magazine. The quote must be tricky, so it could be applied both to the movie and to the taste of chosen chocolate bar. 
Chocolate bar design: 
Same as the sign board, but with the Museum logo in the middle.

Designed by Vadim Skorobogatyy

3D Visualisation: Massimo Brugnera 

Country: Russi, Switzerland


El Marges


DOSPORDOS is a wine cellar from the region of Priorat in Catalunya – Spain. They work under the philosophy of traditional vineyard work, where everything is done naturally (using no chemicals and handpicking the grapes) and under the claim that "they don't make wine; they help the plants make it". The brief's goal was to create labels for two of their wines: Sant Joan (350€ each bottle) ans Els Marges (20€). The design should reflect the humility, personality, the essence and the hard work imprinted into the production of each harvest. That's why we took two important elements from the vineyard's landscape (the plants and the terraces) and represented them through handmade strokes in order to show the delicate and manual work that is done in the vineyard.

Designed by Marina Porté

Tutored by Xavier Bas

Country: Spain




Objective: to design Dee Gibson’s identity: her logo and also packaging for her new granola product. She wanted her identity to reflect her innovative and modern cuisine and her taste for bold clean black and white graphics and typography. I used a modern sans serif font and made the D outline her signature. The D shape also became the bowl for the granola and resembled a mouth or tongue to denote delicious. The modern typesetting reflects her desire to be associated with cutting edge contemporary design.

Designed by Sarah Fordham

Country: Canada


Tannic Volcanic Mineral Water


Water industry is well-worked in graphics. But, personalized brands don't have the same right? Restaurant industry and point of sale either? 
They ask for some water design for Tannic (the Freixenet concept store). This ones not only will go with the group's wines and cava, they'll also be used for marry with other gourmet products, for tastings, courses and quality oenology and gastronomic activities. The production is from Sant Aniol company, well-known for the quality and volcanic water. So, it is a personalized product. 
The idea is that the synthetic graphic image of some mountains shows off onto the volcano image, the ones to gives the product quality. With color and depth, overlapping labels, we visually play with volumes. We gain the silhouette with die cuts and blank spaces reserves, depending of what material or format permit us. Furthermore, the water purity not always has to be represented by blue. You can show off with the simplicity of white, black and gold. 
We start with small print run: 4,320 u. for 250ml and 1,080 u. for 1l., just for knowing the acceptation. As a graphic production, the main challenge was one liter bottle. First, the gold Pantone and the reaction with the glue, because it's in the label's back. Then, the superposition of the labels has to be exactly executed for maintaining the visual effect. In addition, the die cut has to have a minimum of rounded corners for the adhesiveness. For the 25oml we only has the issue of losing print space for the transparent reserve.

Designed by Bel Diví (Tannic Inhouse Art Director) 

Country: Spain


Buda Pálinka 


This is only a concept so far. I was asked to create a branding and packaging design for a pálinka (it is a Hungarian spirit) to be distributed in England. I wanted to create something that has a serious look but have a bit of humour in it. Usually, the back of packaging designs are quite simple. My intention was to create something that is eye-catching from the back as well, could also be mistaken for its’ front side. However, on the front side there is a text – Can you read it?
As long as the pálinka bottle is full, the text is hard to read but as the bottle is getting empty it is becoming more and more visible. This is a playful game about the impact of alcohols too.

Designed by Kissmiklos

Photography Bálint Jaksa 

Country: Hungary