Agronauti Cosmetics

AGRONAUTI is a Vegan Organic Cosmetics line company based in Milan, Italy. With the first line of product, the Shield one, the brand promise was to help people who live in concentrated urban areas protect their skin from all the urban contamination agents. 

These urban groups have specific needs to certain products to help protect their skin from sun damages and radiations such as heavy metals, calcareous salts... The brand choose to communicate with a a voice that is young and spontaneous.

The 7 heroes are urban characters. The city is their habitat, they know how to survive in it. Since they are contemporary heroes they believe in open source. All formulas are open and registered under the Creative Commons 4.0 licence. The idea is lo invite "developers" to write the formula code in order to upgrade the product. AGRONAUTI's products are available on the ecommerce.

Photography: Vittorio Maggioni

Video Credit: Massimo Leonardi

Copy and Concept: Gabriele Buzzi

Illustration: Sien

Concept & Design: Roberta Gheda, Domenico Frontera

Designed by: Roberta Gheda

Country: Italy