Concepts We Wish Were Real

The week is finally over and what better way to celebrate than with our concepts we wish were real. 

Shunji Iwai Movie Festival


Celebrating the Shunji Iwai Movie Festival in San Francisco. The wooden box includes a  logo, ticket, postcard, letterhead, schedule, soundtrack, map, catalog, collection box, Ads, etc all neatly divided between two sections. The overall design is clean and minimal following Chinese aesthetic. 

Movie festival title: 
Within the First Journey | The Prologue of Adulthood, Epilogue of Immaturity

Designed by Aaron Yuan

Country: China




This identity concept was made for VITAKING supplements company for new quality food products in Hungary.Designed by Fanni Demes, vitamins are administered through white pouches and brown-tinted bottles decorated ever so minimally with the main ingredients. Naturking will soon hit the market and be realized by the end of this year. 

Designed by Fanni Demecs

Country/City: Hungary,Budapest




YAS, a sub-brand of Personal Care Laboratories, takes boldness to another level. Take a swim in the deep waters of YAS designed by Andra Gheorghe. Short and stubby bottles are color coded in shades of red orange and yellow with patterned waves running across the plastic surface. 

Designed by Andra Gheorghe

Country/City: United States, Los Angeles




Challenge: Logo and packaging design for a beverage product in which at least one ingredient/element is presented in the logo and package. The inspiration for Elixir came from a gift from Italy two years ago: a bottle of lavender liquor from Triora - the ancient town of the witches. 

Triora, in Italy, is a sleepy little ancient hill towns in the valley of Argentine in the region of Liguria, close to the French border. Much of the architecture in Triora dates back to the 12th century, but its period of greatest fame was during the 16th century when a number of witch trials were conducted by the Inquisition. The town boasts an excellent museum of witchcraft, and to this day has a powerful association with witches. Some decedents of the original witches can still be seen in the town to this day.

Branding: In order to resemble a sense of elegance to the logo, I decided to use serif font and decorative, ornate curves which is a fundamental element of Art Nouveau. Hand-painted lavender in pastel purple not only satisfied the requirements of the project but also bear a resemblance to the lavender fields in Northern Italy where the liqueur was made of. Target audience: Age varies from 20-40 with main target on young millennials who appreciate art and fine liqueur.

Designed by Phuong Nguyen

Country: United States


Buoy, Toiletries for Daily Swimmers


Buoy is a packaging passion project. It combines my fondness for illustration, swimming, and design for beauty and wellness. The idea came through after having a hard time finding products that have a good sense of style, all the while addressing the sensitive skincare needs of a regular swimmer.

Designed by Faris Habayeb

Country: United States, New York


M&S Coffee


Our origins coffee has been specially selected from the five top regions. We take coffee seriously & want to present the best with no added extras. Designed by Dan Lawrence, this coffee expresses its style through gestural brushstrokes. Each brew is color coded and then dipped in black to maintain a consistency. 

Designed by Dan Lawrence

Country: United Kingdom, London