Concepts We Wish Were Real

Get in touch with Nature. Today's Concepts We Wish Were Real features 8 vibrant projects inspired by nature whether through the use of organic shapes, illustration, or substrates. 

Nurture: Living Fruit Basket


[Daily harvest for the freshest nutrition consumption from the living fruit basket] 
"The ‘Nurture’ is a concept of living fruit basket package for fresh nutrition consumption for health-oriented consumers. This project began with a curiosity of the meaning of the term 'fresh' in the food industry. Based on the research, people highly attentive to a healthy diet tend to expect high quality nutrition from their fresh food consumption. In order to satisfy them with genuine health benefits from fresh produce, the Nurture suggests a daily harvest of Superfruits that are well-known for high nutritional value such as Acerola cherries, berries, and figs. However, they are difficult to transport due to fragility, have short shelf life and issues with storage. 

The aim of Nurture is to provide the freshest nutrition consumption to fulfill the recommended daily allowance equivalent to health supplements in the most natural format. The fruits in Nurture is designed to be nestled within their own roots in the form of a basket in order to keep them alive and fresh efficiently till the time of consumption. 

Consumers can buy them weekly, and nurture them with minimal moisturizing in order to ingest specific nutrient. Also, provided are kitchenware tools that are specially designed with instructions on preventing nutrition loss from the process of picking, washing, and drying of the fruits. In addition, it is expected to achieve disciplined and self-refrained control towards maintaining a healthy lifestyle for users through the daily ceremonial harvest routine."

Designed by Hyunhee Hwang

Country/ City: United Kingdom, London

Herbal Tea for Healthy Living


"A healthy lifestyle is a trend which continues to be internationally popular. And along with this popularity comes a whole industry of foods and drinks being launched into the market and vying for consumer attention. Designed by Neretin Stas of Moscow, Herbal Tea for Healthy Living Herbs only screams out from the shelves, grabbing attention with it’s bold, emotional design and bright, light color palette.
The thing about living a healthier life is that it’s hard work. More often than not, people fall back into their bad eating habits and feel disappointed and down about their lack of success. And with this can come scorn and negativity towards those who continue to eat clean and make healthy choices. 

With this in mind, Herbal Tea for Healthy Living Herbs Only wanted to create a product design that expresses and celebrates a “loud & proud to be healthy” message! The illustration style on the packaging is bold and fun, with a lively “rock out” hand in the air contrasting the a healthy tea leaf which the drink is made from. The color palette is a bright, playful green with accent colors to denote the different tea flavors. 

“Our herbal tea is a manifestation of a healthy lifestyle!”

The typography used on the bottles, and throughout the advertising campaign is seemingly hand painted and dripping with expression and the enthusiasm of the words (and slogans) being shared. It is this type style which really sets the tone for the Herbal Tea for Healthy Living Herbs Only brand, the encouraging, pro-health message."

Designed by Neretin Stas

Country/City: Russia, Moscow

"Bloom Boom" liquid fertilizer


Tanya Mikolaevskaya has created a new and innovative line of liquid fertilizers called Bloom Boom. This whimsical plastic bag mimics the classic watering can, showering a garden of flowers with an integrated handle in the upper corner. Contrary to typical fertilizers, Bloom Boom doesn’t need to be diluted with water, so it’s ready to be poured right from the bag. 

The design is highlighted by vibrant colors and clean, minimalist graphics. The playful aesthetics and cute garden motifs are successful in making this a cheerful and fun packaging line.

Charming in its cleverness, these products show how a simple idea can make a memorable impression.

Designed by Tanya Mikolaevskaya

Country/City: Russia, Moscow



"Herbal tea BEAUTEA is designed for women, who are careful of their health, who live fit and lead an active life. 
BEAUTEA is fully organic and doesn't contain any preservatives. Great tonic effect makes you feel good and keeps you in a great mood all day long. 
Women living an active lifestyle are always on the move and love being the center of attention. That's why our bottle is designed in a special way allowing to grip it comfortable and it will never fall out of your hands during morning run. 
The colourful bottle is turning customer's attention and expressing positive mood. 
If you live an active and healthy lifestyle, always stay fit and positive BEAUTEA is your choice!"

Designed by Anna Mikhaylova

Country/City: Russia  Moscow

La Sera Wine


"La Sera is the italian word for the evening. Every label has its own gradient, based on this and its name. "Il cielo" means the sky, "il falo" means the bonfire and "il sogno" means the dream. Designed by Gustav the ombre effect references the sunrise/sunset, a moment of the day for reflection."

Designed by Gustav Karlsson

Country: Sweden

figula wines


This wine bottle takes its inspiration from music and nature. Designed by Katalin, white wine is bottled and screen printed with organic shapes resembling musical notes or autumn leaves drifting in the wind. 

Designed by Katalin Boromissza

Country/City: Hungary, Budapest

Lucura Tea 


"Lucura is a concept for a tea company using yerba matè as the main ingredient accented with various exotic fruit flavors found in the Amazon. The company aims to give a voice to the yerba matè farmers in the Amazon region by sharing their values and traditions through their folklore. Lucura focuses on the legend of the Pink River Dolphin, sacred animals in the Amazon River, who are believed to be shape-shifters under the power of moon light. The name derives from a combination of the Portuguese word for moon (Lua) and cure (Cura) and represents the healing properties of a good cup of tea."

Designed by Sergio Seplovich

Country/ City: United States, Brooklyn



"The aim of this project was to develop the packaging as well as naming and branding for food take away. We focus a product with certificate of origin about our area which is The Bread with Tomato typically from Catalonia. 

We improved the existing packs and also trying to reach a greater number of consumers, local consumers and tourists. The last ones usually wants to learn about our culture and there is no better way to learn it through the food. For this purpose, we created two packs with the same rectangular base but with different height to keep the bread with tomato and also some sides to mix with, like cheese or cold meat with C.O. 

To separate the food in different compartments we created a pre-threaded form easy to cut and easy to store. 
The name is inspired by the idea of the main element, the bread. The design transmits the honest and friendly way of the brand, playing with lines and diagonals evoking the movement as we are talking about food to take away."

Designed by Silvia Albertí, Laia Fusté & Miriam Vilaplana

Professor: Emili Padrós & Jon Eola 

Country/ City: Spain, Barcelona