New Tanqueray® NO. TEN™

Design Bridge teams up with the iconic gin company Tanqueray® to re-design their NO. TEN™ bottle. The elements in the bottle have changed to be more in-line with the classic Tanqueray® bottle we all know and love. The Green bottle, the red waxed element are there to stay, and how could you change such a staple? Design Bridge made NO. TEN® Tanqueray's brother instead of it's cousin with this re-design, while still communicating the unique quality, which I love! Incorporating typographic elements to give it the much needed update makes this bottle sophisticated while still keeping that art deco feel. 

The ultra-premium gin brand teamed up with Design Bridge to help grow its position, and celebrate the sophistication, quality and distinction of the liquid itself. 

A major part of Design Bridge’s brief was to better communicate the gin’s unique quality - particularly to bartenders. The gin’s true character had been hiding behind the dark glass of the previous Tanqueray® No. TEN™ gin bottle. This misconception led many to assume that it had a heavy taste similar to that of partner brand, London Dry. 


Preferred amongst mixologists as the gin of choice for making the classic martini cocktail - the so-called ‘bartender’s masterpiece’ - thanks to its delicate, citrus taste, the new Tanqueray® No. TEN™ gin bottle is designed to ‘let the citrus shine’, and tell the story of Tanqueray’s gin heritage channeling the iconic influence of Art Deco. Tanqueray® No. TEN™ gin is made using whole citrus fruits rather than the more common approach of using citrus peel, giving the gin its signature sophisticated light, citrus and smooth taste.

 “Charles Tanqueray himself was well known for never settling for less, and with boundless expertise and ambition he famously created pioneering spirit flavours. Centuries later, the new Tanqueray® No. TEN™ gin bottle seeks to ensure his legacy lives on with a new verve.”  
Graham Shearsby, Chief Creative Officer, at Design Bridge

Design Bridge’s solution for the new Tanqueray® No. TEN™ gin bottle was a redesign that delivers a sense of theatre, ‘heroing’ the citrus theme, with a glamorous design inspired by the heyday of the gin cocktail, the 1920s. These design themes include: 

•    A celebration of the classic cocktail shaker synonymous with the Art Deco era. 

•    With citrus at the heart of the design, another explicit influence on the new bottle shape is the lemon squeezer, with 10 facets flowing down the sides coming together at the base in a hero punt formation. 

•    On the shoulders of the bottle, the facets also reflect cut pieces of citrus fruit. 

•    By moving the metal band to wrap around the bottle, this creates further dramatisation of the ‘squeeze action’, appearing to squeeze the bottle itself. 

•    Special attention is also given to the metal bottle cap with a texture reminiscent of both citrus fruit and a citrus grater. Careful choice was given to the colour and tone of the metal cap and new band to ensure a greater consistency with other metal bartending tools commonly used at premium venues. 

•    The shade of green used for the glass was carefully selected to communicate the grandeur of Tanqueray® No.Ten and the new bottle, and reflect the fresh citrus liquid inside. 

"This is a bottle that captures the spirit of the Jazz Age ¬– when ambitions were high, the cocktail was king and there was a breathless sense of excitement in the future. With the new Tanqueray® No. TEN™ gin bottle design, we’ve created a bold statement to reflect the extraordinary, dramatic and enlightening developments occurring at that time. We’re proud to have had the opportunity to apply original thinking to a brand as iconic as Tanqueray® No. TEN™ gin, combining Tanqueray‘s proud heritage with the irresistible glamour of Art Deco.”  - Graham Shearsby

Designed by: Design Bridge 
Country: United Kingdom