Limito Slow Food

The use of uncoated stock in packaging has been a big trend over the last few months and we believe it is here to stay. 2PI Group cleverly uses this material for the pack of  Limito’s latest product - salmon slices with no artificial additives or preservatives. Uncoated stock lend itself very well to being used for a raw product, the whole output looking natural and unrefined. 

“We came with the idea of pairing the product with the slow food philosophy. Using natural materials and providing packaging organic look made the product clearly outstanding among the other salmon products on the Polish market.” 

All the information is printed using three semi-transparent colours only - white, blue and red to emphasise the product's Norwegian origin. The cut out salmon shape makes the product clearly recognisable as pure 100% salmon.

2PI Group have created a clean and straightforward piece of packaging which draws the attention of the shoppers and feels natural and sustainable.  


Designed by 2Pi Group Magda Pomaz

Client: Limito

Country: Poland