Cape Brewing Company IPA

Inspired by the beautiful pipes running throughout CBC brewery, two special edition IPA labels were created for Cape Brewing Company. Designed by Jane Says, brown tinted beer bottles are given a facelift with diamond-shaped labels trimmed with gold.

"Cape of Good Hops Imperial IPA 
Inspired by the origin of the classic Indian Pale
Ale, and the passage of ships past the Cape of Good Hope. Adamastor, a Greek mythological character also known as the Spirit of the Cape, guarded the Indian Ocean from navigators around the Cape of Good Hope, with his threatening storms. This strong, imperial style IPA takes a hearty sailor to manage."

"Mandarina Bavaria IPA 
With a name taken from the main hops used in its a creation, Mandarina Bavaria is a fruit IPA with strong nectarine, 
naartjie and lemon notes. It is the first German-style IPA of its kind in Africa."


Designed by Jane Says

Country: South Africa

City: Cape Town

Illustration: Studio Muti