Concepts We Wish Were Real

Happy Friday! Today we take a look at a group of concepts we wish were real that take a minimalist approach when designing their packaging.

Rockstar Wine


A collector's item for all those fan girls and boys out there. Designed by Dimitris Kostinis, a tribute to the best Rockstars of our time are revealed on sleek, black wine bottles. Minimal and to the point, this is definitely a bottle you want to store for safe keeping.

"Drink to the memory of someone is a very old custom. 
So I wanted to create a wine brand that pays tribute to the memory of the 
rockstars like Kurt Cobain, Amy Winehouse, etc. This wine has been created in a minimalist and sober style that unify the brand and the objective was to produce a distinctive and anti-traditional label. 
The black color of the packaging used to show the dark side of these
rockstars and even time to pay tribute."

Designed by Dimitris Kostinis

Country: Belgium


the pigeon


A unique food truck, obessed with oddities. The pigeon follows the traveling circus from city to city. Conceptualized by Sydney Goldstein, the black and white color palette silhouettes illustrations and spaces out words to resemble a eye chart from the optometrist. The overall design feels like you had entered a whole other world, Tim Burton-inspired. 

Designed by Sydney Goldstein

School: University of Kansas

Country: United States


Facing West Dry Gin


Facing West uses minimal design to focus more on the form. Designed by Martin Lind, a clear bottle sealed with wood takes the compass as inspiration and gives corrdinates to an unknown land. A subtle design that takes a consumer on a treasure hunt. 

Designed by Martin Lind

Country/City: Sweden, Stockholm




Introducing a line of products that aim to rejuvenate and moisturize the skin. Designed by Laura Aguilar Casado, a strip of gold runs diagonally across the box that safe keeps body oil and creme. 

"It´s a body cream which in contact with the warmth of the skin becomes extra light oil. 
The objective of this project was to design the branding and packaging for a new FUSION products by KOAN COSMETICS. The main product is a regenerating moisturizer for the body, hair & nails. Other products are a cream oil for the face, a gel oil, a body oil mist and a promotional pack. These products are for people with dry or damaged skin. they have an extraordinary texture and they are an organic and natural products. 

The graphic design is a simple and elegant, thus transmitting honesty, technology and quality of the brand."

Designed by Laura Aguilar Casado

Country, City: Spain, Barcelona


Sopron cuvée 2012


The Weninger winery is a family business near to the Austrian-Hungarian border. The winery place great emphasis on the biological sustainability and the eco-friendly management. They work in the Sopron wine region since 1997. The realization of Sopron wine was an old dream and in 2007, the first bottles were placed on the shelves. My tasks were to create a unified label scheme that can be used for years ahead and to plan the full label for 2011.

Designed by András Semler

Country: Hungary


Green Depot Eco-friendly Lightbulb 


An eco-friendly light packaging created for a single light bulb considering the material, cost, glue, production, ink, and shipping arrangement. The triangular strip was designed based on the structure of the tri-lightbulb. It is placed at the center in order to hold the light together to the packaging safely. The lightbulb can be taken out by easily taking out the strip from any three sides.

Designed by Stacy Park

Country/City: United States, New York




A rebranding for Rodellas, a small bakery in Sant Celoni, who makes high-quality products that follow tradition. With a sophisticated color palette and a minimal design aesthetic, tarts and sugar wafers are boxed with olive green trimmings and a cut-out window. This window gives the consumer a sneak peek to what lies inside. Delicious, fresh out of the oven, sweet treats. 

Designed by Laura Planas 

Country/City: Spain, Barcelona




A fun, geometric design graces the cover of white pill boxes. Designed by Olga Gaze, a basic square turned on its side is divided into sections and color-coded as an identifier for each medication. The overall design considers how it would like to sit on someone's shelf. Unlike many poorly designed medication packaging that people usually hide in their cabinets, this one is one to be displayed.

Designed by Olga Gaze

Country: Ukraine