Jack Rabbit Gin

Matt Aller handcrafts a small batch of gin that will surely have anyone jumping for joy. Bottled in a beautifully-shaped glass and corked with a wood stopper, the spirit uses a Jack Rabbit as its  mascot found on the scalloped label. 

"Jack Rabbit Gin is the first gin legally produced in the state of Utah since 1870. This small-batch gin captures the essence of Utah’s fragrant desert landscape that is studded with juniper trees and sagebrush. The bottle’s label features stamp edges, with copper-embossed foil representing both the metal used in stills as well as Utah’s copper mining history. The bottle’s beehive seal is a nod to the State’s emblem symbolizing industry."


Designed by Matt Aller (partner, Beehive Distilling

Country: United States

City: Salt Lake City