à la eco organic cotton

This cotton line is looking to make a change with their organic, chemical-free products. Designed by Kollor Design Agency, the brand's ecological stance shines through with a color palette of green against a creme background. A "flower corsage" is placed on the side, helping balance out the entire design.

à la ecos organic cotton range consists of pads, balls and swabs. The cultivation of the cotton is carried out without pesticides or insecticides. It's free from harmful chemical residues. A clean product with a clean past. 

"Kollor is responsible for all visual communications for à la eco, including branding, print design, packaging concepts and fairs. The company's organic cotton range was first launched in stores throughout Sweden four years ago. At the end of 2014 it was decided to carry out a redesign of the product line, in order to keep up with the development of other products from à la eco." 


Designed by Kollor Design Agency

Country: Sweden