T-Sticks of London

Tea drinkers rejoice! There’s a whole new way to brew tea and an equally refreshing package design to boot. Introducing the T-Sticks of London collection created by the folks at Hawaii Design, with perforated foiled sticks that brew first-class tea in every cup.

This eye-catching design was created to grab the consumers’ attention on busy supermarket shelves, enhancing its premium status worldwide. Each tea flavor has its own bright color for easy selection and distinction. That same color is used for additional trade dress and patterns, inspired by the perforations on the T-Sticks.

I for one love how easy it is to distinguish the flavors from each other. There’s nothing worse than having to search the packaging for the individual flavor name. This solution makes it very easy to find your favorite tea. Something every tea lover will celebrate. 


Designed by Hawaii Design

Country: United Kingdom