Don Matías

Who wouldn't want a taste of Don Matías' Pesto or Garlic dip? With such inviting illustrations framing hand-written type, the brand emulates a homemade quality, just how grandma used to make it. 

"Don Matías develops artisanal products such as sauces, dips, and tapenades, using only organic ingredients. ICONO was asked to create and develop the brand as well as the packaging for its products. The aim was to convey the artisanal and natural spirit of the brand. Inspired by the blackboard messages found in popular markets, we created hand-drawn lettering and illustrations, which describe the benefits and suggested uses of the products."


Designed by Icono

Client: Productos Don Matías

Country: Perú

Designer: Icono Comunicadores 

Creative Director: Giuliana Gotuzzo 

Illustrations: Giuliana Gotuzzo