Before & After: Kentish Pip


A lovely rebranding for Kentish Pip, a Canterbury-based cider and fruit juice producer lead by Cornish agency Kingdom & Sparrow. 

Kentish Pip are a family run business but they have a strong, loyal local following and have been operating from their historic farm for a number of years. With ambitions to grow into new markets and become a forerunner in the up and coming craft cider movement, they decided to overhaul their current branding and packaging. 

“Our focus has been to breath fresh life into their already established heritage and to inject some of their vibrant personality into the brand” says the team at Kingdom & Sparrow behind the re-design. 

Each flavor variety has been assigned a name and illustrated theme that relates to both the story and individual character of each product. Hand-scripted typography and bold, contrasting colors help these designs stand out on a crowded shelf or bar but the logo and style keeps it a coherent, consistent brand. There's a rich, textural feel to the hand-drawn artwork which reflects the artisan, small batch, home-grown nature of their award-winning cider. The illustrations feature throughout Kentish Pip’s new packaging and marketing material.


Designed by Kingdom & Sparrow

Country: United Kingdom