Tequila del Gallo García

Have a shot of Tequila that has it all. Designed by Parallel, the spirit is poured in a flask and bottle, corked with wood, and labeled with a scalloped edge. The brand's mascot, a rooster, sits between the style and batch number while its feathers extend to the back of the bottle. 

"Tequila del Gallo García is a genuine Mexican product. Inspired by typical Mexican traditions, Tequila del Gallo García was born to provide a new tequila experience. The name was created with the intention of giving the tequila an owner, the Gallo. The brand has two different tag lines to provide a full experience; "Sabroso Tequila Mexicano" meaning tasty Mexican tequila, and "Nacimos para estar en las alturas" trying to give the personality of the rooster to the brand. Then we created an illustration to evoque a "grabado" look and feel to the graphic identity, hand drawn and hand crafted. The packaging was designed to create a traditional Mexican editorial design combined with the sophisticated touch of a short bottle. Labels have a zigzag pattern at the ends simulating a traditional printing process of cutting separation."


Designed by Parallel

Country: Mexico

Art Direction: Jorge Mar 
Illustration: Christian Poiré