Les Charlatans

A perfect way to take your drink up a notch. Designed by Crystelle Bédard, Les Charlatans' spiced syrup is packaged in "medical" bottles with aluminum caps and illustrated with the infused ingredient.

"The playful product label is based on the producer's family name (Boucharlat) and is meant to evoke the cure­all remedies hawked by peddlers in bygone times. Illustrations and branding were specially created for the line by her longtime co-conspirator, Crystelle Bédard, a graphic designer who's been working for the past 10 years as a freelancer as well as in several studios in Montreal. For events, each bottle is lovingly wrapped in vintage 1970s newspaper gathered from local flea markets, and upon which the designer has screen­printed the company logo in golden metallic ink."


Designed by Crystelle Bédard

Client: Les Charlatans (Jeanne Boucharlat)

Country: Canada

City: Montreal

Illustrations: Crystelle Bédard

Silkscreen printing: Crystelle Bédard

Photography: David Courteau