Big Slice-Kettle Cooked Apples

Take a bite out of delicious kettle cooked apples infused with herbs and spices. Designed by HOSS Creative Intelligence, these candied goodies are sealed in square pouches overtaken by a patterned apple. A leaf sits atop, with a playful adjective transcribed onto it. 

"Communication strategy of new brand & package line focused on a defined target consumer space, the outstanding array of product flavors, and the unique package format that was chosen to bring this historically loved healthy snack to the current consumer marketplace that demands convenience without the sacrifice of taste. 

"The collaborative energy around this project was amazing, and we wanted to harness a colorful, fun, flavorful expression in a clean & concise communication design manner that would flirt with the intended audience, but be efficient in it's delivery of key communication touch points. Front primary panel photography focused on the presentation that the product slices were so thick you could eat them with a fork and the supporting back panel images conveyed the quality ingredients that make up the unique product flavor profiles.  

The design project scope consisted of: content strategy, brand development, package design, product photography, illustration, and copy write."

"Brand / Product Background - 
Big Slice started out making big chunky apples slices slowly cooked in their own naturally sweet sauce, and then had a groundbreaking idea - package the kettle cooked apples in a shelf-stable "on-the-go pouch.” The main goal was to capture all that rich, natural goodness and flavor of Grandma’s authentic Heritage Recipe's best in an industry-disruptive package. Big Slice didn't stop there, though! To step it up a notch, they formulated (16) amazing new flavors, segmented into (3) product categories: Pure, Fit, and Luxe. Product categories represented the consumer lifestyle type, or the day they wanted to lead. Flavors like like Banana Mango with Hemp Seeds just weren’t delicious, they were 100% natural, Non-GMO, and even naturally fat & gluten-free! The product is a marriage of modern taste and old-fashioned quality. Small batch produced with only the finest ingredients. Indulgence, but still under (100) calories. The product is currently sold in Target stores nationally and continues to invite it's way to into the hearts of consumers craving to enjoy amazingly delicious cooked apples while on the run."


Designed by HOSS Creative Intelligence

Country: United States

City: Irvine

Creative Director: Blake Hoss

Art Director: Markus Wreland 

Photography: Armstrong Pitts Studios 

Package Printer: HD Packaging, LLC.