Concepts We Wish Were Real

Happy Friday! Let's start the Valentine's Day weekend off with some Concepts We Wish Were Real!


PiqueNique Hills Cheese 


PiqueNique Hills is a product line of fine artisan cheese handcrafted in Vermont. There are 3 types of cheeses, Crottin de Chavignol, Bleu d’Auvergne & Tome au Marc. 

PiqueNique Hills is inspired by the concept of having picnic in the city, conveying the modern & casual atmosphere at the same time. It is a delicate, high-end product designed to bring the meadow to consumers’ mind & release their imagination of cheese. The paper wrap can be used as a pad for the jar when the packaging is opened or for cheese when slicing and serving, depicting the imagery of having picnic and sitting on the picnic blanket.

Designed by Hsiao-Han Chen 

Country/City: United States, New York




Each box, wrapper and bag utilize interesting ways of opening the package, which is made possible through the dynamic angle in the mark. In effect, these peel away or slide out openings demonstrate the removal of sugar. 

The name Sòless stemmed from the idea of solace and how it pertains to indulgence. The consumer should feel comforted by their purchase, knowing that it comes with little to no additional costs to the price. So, in marrying that idea with the straightforward approach that I had in mind, I came to the simple, yet elegant, combination of So & Less, with the accent mark placing a stress upon the 'o'.

Designed by Brady Jackson

Country/City: United States, New York


La Renarde


A glass cup for beer or soda that gives the consumer two style preferences. Designed by Remarke, La Renarde can be converted from a "tin" can to a classy tall glass. A cool concept that is environmentally conscious as it is functional for everyday use. 

Designed by Remarke  

Country/City: Canada, Montreal


Pizza Condoms


What is sex? Fun and pleasure! What else can give us these feelings? Of course, food! 
When I was creating this package, I was inspired by Joey character (F.R.I.E.N.D.S.) and his well-known problem: 
If you had to give up sex or food, which would you pick? 
- Okay… sex. No, food. No, uh… I want both!
Package tries to solve this problem, mixing sex and food. 
Pizza and sex are the important parts of American culture and especially tv-shows and movies. That's why this limited 
condoms' package will be interesting for most of young people not only F.R.I.E.N.D.S. fans.

Designed by Malygina Marina

Country/City: Russia, Moscow




Bruno Alfonso is a honey bee. Our Portuguese friend and gourmet recently came to visit. Tirelessly and diligently the boy put a distance of nearly 2000 km away. With his knowledge and brought the honey he helped us to pack the sweetness of Portugal in a bottle.   Dealing with the design of a home-brewed beer: As used in the brewing process Portuguese honey to sweeten the Suds, we came up with the idea to make the design also flow in this direction. Inspired we were there mainly by Portuguese ceramic tiles, which can be found with all its beautiful and ornate details, public monuments, buildings, facades, and churches.

Designed by Dalyvanh Pangnanouvong & Simeon Oßwald 

Typography: Quentin Grébeude

Country: Germany


De Cecco 


Packaging and rebranding for De Cecco pasta. My goal was to give the packaging a traditional Italian, but yet modern look, with its desaturated Italian art deco blue color and simple geometric shapes, one for every kind of pasta. The typography used is variations of Bodoni, modified in the logotype since I wanted to keep it Italian.

Designed by Gustav Karlsson 

Country/City: United States (Sweden), New York (Gothenburg)


Gala Gala


Packaging design and branding for milk company "Gala Gala". Gala (Γάλα) in Greek means milk. This concept project is the case of a completely different proposal for a client coming to life into something entirely different. The design has a retro feeling to it but with a modern twist to it at the same time. Simple, clean lines, soft colors, basic shapes and a recyclable paper texture and this is what you get. The logo is the result of mixing a cup of milk and the head of a cow. Hope you enjoy the project.

Designed by Smirap Designs

Designer: Mike Karolos 

Country/City: Greece, Athens


BIXIGA Bixiga 70 Album


You can truly see the energy and cultural influences of African and Latin Music with this design. The color scheme is soft and abstract yet bring a poetic sense to the entire design. 

"Bixiga 70 is a band that blends elements of African and Latin music. From this point the idea was to bring together the two cultures with all the vibrancy and energy of the music, and translate into a visual experience. The color choices were inspired by traditional African 
arts, always vibrant and colorful. To compose the rest of the art was used African triangular patterns, also inspiring the choice of typography."

Designed by: Raiane Girotto

Country: Brazil