Fish & Rice

A very good example of an original and funky piece of packaging for a very basic product, a 10kg bag of rice. 

Fengfan is the name of a young farm located in a traditional village in the South of China, think beautiful scenery and abundant agriculture. Fengfan supplies fresh local farm products but also educates people in the city to the culture of traditional farming. In the light of this ethos, the brief for designer Hailong Xiang was to create a recyclable, portable piece of packaging for China’s most eaten food: rice. 

Why a rice dressed up as a fish though? In Mandarin, fish (“yu”) is a homonym of abundance (“Yu”) and people use “fish every year” as a blessing during the Spring Festival. 

The one-piece design is structurally smart and the conceptualisation of this piece of packaging is well thought and delicate.


Designed by Hailong Xiang

Client: Fengfan

Country: China